Going green

Picking up beach litter is something everyone can do to help

At uShaka Sea World we are passionate about our marine environment and do all we can to take care of marine ecosystems and encourage others to do the same. The oceans and land spaces that make up our planet are integrally linked. Both need our care. This is why we work hard at "going green".

Our outreach team works with schools in rural areas by planting trees and helping to green school grounds. The uShaka Green Team undertakes a variety of activities to help staff make positive behavioural changes, both at work and at home. Allied to this, our innovative Eco-House gives people simple suggestions on how to save money while helping to protect our planet.

Leading by example, at uShaka Sea World we have introduced number of energy saving initiatives. These are helping us to save money while benefiting the environment. For example, throughout the park we have replaced the cleaning materials that we use with eco-friendly products. These are good for us and for our animals. Many other initiatives are under way help to ensure that we really do practice what we preach.