Curriculum-based educational experiences for learners of all ages

uShaka Sea World's Education Centre offers a range of curriculum-based courses and lessons 

Foster a love of the ocean while giving your learners a hands-on experience of their school-curriculum topics with interactive lessons and courses at uShaka Sea World.

Lessons comprise an age-appropriate 45-minute interactive presentation.

Lessons for the little ones from Grade R to Grade 2

  • Fishy Fun Puppet Show

Lessons aimed at Grades 4 to 9

  • Marine mammals
  • Form and function
  • Animals and ecosystems
  • Catchment to coast

For Grades 10 and up

  • Marine ecology
  • Invertebrate classification
  • Population ecology

All ages

  • Introduction to the Aquarium
  • Dangerous Creatures – reptiles

Courses are more in-depth than lessons and take the form of a four-hour interactive experience, which includes specialised guiding and group activities. Each group is divided into smaller groups of 12 learners, each with its own facilitator.

Learn more about reptiles in the Dangerous Creatures exhibit at uShaka Sea World

Grades R to 3

  • Ocean Connections – exploring similarities and differences between animals and changes to ocean habitats

Grades R to 5

  • Caring for Creatures – Reptiles – choosing a suitable pet and keeping it happy and healthy. Includes a Dangerous Creatures tour

Grades 4 to 6/7

  • Form and function – Animals’ body shapes and sense organs and how they find food
  • Animals and ecosystems – Diversity of living and non-living things and how they make up an ecosystem
  • Catchment to Coast – How the environment is affected by waste and human impact
  • Biodiversity and Classification – Biodiversity and threats to the marine environment; how to classify animals

Grade 10

  • Marine Ecology – Biosphere, biomes, ecosystems. The biotic and abiotic factors that makeup these ecosystems

Grade 11

  • Population studies – Overview of population dynamics, including concepts and practical application to fisheries management
  • Classification – Invertebrate phyla, body plans, symmetry, gut structure. Includes touch specimens of each phylum

Back-of-house tours give insight into a future career as a member the uShaka Sea World team

Grades 9 to 11

  • Marine Careers – What it takes to work in this marine field. Includes presentations, back-of-house tours and information on marine careers


  • The Environment and Us – How you can make a positive difference to climate change, pollution and overfishing

Download the 2014 Educational Experiences brochure below.

2014 Educational Experiences

Please note: There will be no dolphin shows from 5 May 2014 to 30 June 2014 as the stadium is being upgraded during this period. However, schools will be able to attend the school seal show at 11h00. Booking is essential as numbers are limited.

For costs and bookings call + 27 (0)31 328 8195/6 or email

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