Inspirational 2014 marine calendar now on sale

Varsha Naidushows off the 2014 calendar showcasing uShaka Sea World

Our sought-after annual calendar for 2014 is now on sale. This inspirational marine calendar is produced each year by uShaka Sea World staff, and sold before and after the dolphin shows for R50.

Each year uShaka Sea World produces only 5 000 calendars, which are sold to visitors to remind them of their visit to uShaka and the animals that inspired them. 

Throughout the calendar special environmental days are highlighted, and inspirational words of encouragement motivate users to engage in marine conservation actions. 

Few people realise that every action taken on land ultimately affects the oceans. By making simple changes to our lifestyles we can lower our impact on the environment, which is good news for the health of the oceans and the myriad creatures that live in them.

Production of the calendar started in September 2013, when Varsha Naidu was appointed producer and sales manager. Photographs taken on site were solicited from staff members, Rare-Pix photographers, Brett Florens, Airserve and members of the Westville Photographic Club.

More than 300 photographs were submitted and after hours of deliberation by a panel of judges, the final 12 plus a cover image were selected. 

Matching up the smaller complimentary photo on the text page was a lot easier. Varsha sought assistance from her colleagues when she was looking for inspirational messages and fun facts,  some of which are included in the calendar.

Provtech were appointed to undertake design and layout of the calendar, and within a few days the first draft was ready. Following a few minor changes, the final draft was approved and sent off to Fishwicks Printers.

Says Varsha: "I enjoyed working on the calendar immensely and hope that the calendar will find a prominent place in the home of thousands of South Africans."

Proceeds from the calendar sales will be used to fund marine conservation and education initiatives.

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