Ribbontail ray relocated to Open Ocean exhibit

  • 15 August 2012 | Ann Kunz

The round ribbontail ray (Taeniura melanospilos) is relocated to the Open Ocean exhibit

Early on Wednesday morning, 15 August, a number of uShaka Sea World staff gathered to assist with the relocation of a round ribbontail ray (Taeniura melanospilos) from one of the quarantine pools to the Open Ocean exhibit.

The ray had been brought to quarantine three weeks earlier after being injured when it was caught in a seine net.

Round ribbontail rays occur in the Indo-West Pacific and are particularly beautiful animals. Before we move any of our cartilaginous animals we take blood samples and insert a PIT (Pet Identification Tag).

We take blood samples in order to assess the health of the animal and to build up a case history for each animal over time.

Tagging is done in order to identify individual animals with absolute accuracy. All medical and behavioural information is recorded against each unique tag number.

The vet performs an ultrasound to check the ray's internal organs

In addition to taking blood samples, measurements and inserting a tag, the veterinarian assessed the ray’s internal organs and heart rate by means of an ultrasound machine.

The “patient” was given a clean bill of health by our resident vet and was transferred to the Open Ocean exhibit. 

Shortly after being introduced to her new home she began exploring and settling down with the other rays.

If you’re planning a visit to the Aquarium any time soon, please ask one of the uShaka Sea World staff to point out our beautiful new addition.

See more images of the ray relocation by clicking here.

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