Coastal Zone Research

The coastal and marine environment of KwaZulu-Natal represents one of the Province’s most valuable natural assets that underpins much of the economy of this region and can generate additional sustainable benefits for the long-term benefit of the citizens of the province and the country. It is important to identify, understand and monitor the impact of human activities in this coastal zone, so as to maximise sustainable benefits through providing an expert scientific basis to effective integrated coastal management. ORI, in close collaboration with the Provincial Biodiversity and Coastal Management Unit, obtains and interprets strategic information from the KZN coastal zone to assist in management related issues. The ORI/DAEA partnership is aimed at connecting strong science with management through collaborative approaches to problem issues, and joint scientific and management publications. The overall objective is to conduct progressive scientific research that supports responsible and appropriate management aiming to achieve sustainable coastal development and livelihoods. This includes fundamental and applied research relating to coastal and marine resources, the interpretation of scientific data, and the development of a knowledge-base that serves all levels of coastal management. A key component of this is to assist with scientific research that underpins the implementation of the recently promulgated Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) Act. This Coastal Zone Research Programme is guided by several main themes, namely: The Coastal Zone, Coastal Assets, Education and Awareness, Estuaries, Management Support, Advisory Services and ongoing project support.