Fact Sheets

Flapnose ray

(Rhioptera javanica)

The head features an unusual double-lobed snout and indented forehead. The long, thin whip-like tails are distinctly demarcated from the body and armed with one or more stings.


Fun fish facts

This fact sheet is designed to answer some of the many questions people ask about fish. It covers a broad range of topics and answers are, of necessity, very general. For more information, please use the recommended reading material suggested at the end of the fact sheet. If you have more questions about fish, please contact one of the institutes listed and their scientists are sure to assist you.


Giant guitarfish

(Rhynchobatus djiddenis)

The giant guitarfish has a noticeably long snout, making the head longer than it is wide. The upper surface has many white spots on a khaki to dark-brown background.


Giant kingfish

(Caranx ignobilis)

This large fish has a deep, robust body which is silver-grey in colour with a darker dorsal surface and white belly. Irregular, small black spots occur on the back and upper sides. The fish has small scales except for two small naked patches in front of the pectoral and pelvic fins.


Giant spotted hermit crab

(Dardanus megistos)

This species is readily identified by its red-to-orange colour and numerous black-ringed white spots. The body and legs are covered with long tufts of reddish bristles. The left nipper is larger than the right. They have red-and-black eyestalks.