Fact Sheets

Loggerhead turtle

(Caretta caretta)

The loggerhead sea turtle is found in coastal, tropical and sub-tropical waters, often moving into temperate waters in search of food.


Mangrove horseshoe crab

(Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda)

Horseshoe crabs are more closely related to spiders and scorpions than to crabs. There are 4 species of horseshoe crab found around the world. Fossils of horseshoe crabs over 400 million years old show that the species has not changed much. Those alive today look almost identical to those that were around millions of years ago.


Natal stumpnose

(Rhabdosargus sarba)

This deep-bodied species has a rounded dorsal profile. The golden centre of each scale often gives the impression of longitudinal lines along the flanks.


Old woman angelfish

(Pomacanthus rhomboides)

Juveniles and adults have different patterns and colours. Juveniles have a dark blue background with a pattern of blue and white, vertical lines. These can be confused with other juvenile angelfish species at first glance.  Adults are grey-brown but paler on the hind third. The adults are unique amongst members of this genus for their drab colour.


Orbicular batfish

(Platax orbicularis)

This fish can be identified by its pale body with brown crossbars and a black blotch above the pelvic fin. Juveniles have long, exaggerated dorsal and anal fins.