Fact Sheets
Bony Fish

Robust jawfish

(Opistognathus muscatensis)

This fish has a black spot on the dorsal fin, between the third or fourth and eighth spines followed by two large, irregular, dark blotches that extend onto body, and a blackish streak on the cheek bordering upper edge of the mouth. Its colour is whitish, mottled with pale blue and olive green shades.



(Sardinops sagax)

Sardines are small silver fish that are also known as pilchards. They filter feed by straining tiny plants and animals (plankton) from the water. Short-lived and fast growing, they grow 0.60mm per day and reach 23cm in length within two years. They do not live longer than four years.



(Pomatomus saltatrix)

Shad (elf, tailor, bluefish) are one of South Africa’s most popular angling fish and they are pursued by over 300 000 anglers every year. Their streamlined bodies are perfectly shaped for speed through the water and their silvery coloration, light beneath and darker above, helps them to blend in with the ocean.



(Chrysoblephus puniceus)

Slinger are deep-bodied fish with a steep forehead that belong to the family Sparidae. They are pink in color and have a distinct blue bar under the eye. The tail has orange tinges.


Spotted grunter

(Pomadasys commersonnii)

These popular table fish have long, sloping foreheads with a pointed snout. The dorsal surface of the silvery body is covered with many small brown spots that extend onto the dorsal fins. A distinct black blotch occurs on the serrated gill cover. Spotted grunter prefer the brackish waters of shallow coastal estuaries and lagoons.